Onco Health

OncoHealth is a protein biomarker diagnostics company dedicated to revolutionizing screening and diagnostics of cervical cancer and other HPV-associated cancers. Our technology platform includes proprietary biomarkers and robust detection technology that enables the development of easy, high-throughput, and cost competitive assays. This same testing platform can be expanded to other HPV-associated cancers, including anal, oral, head and neck, laryngeal, vulva, penile, and vaginal.

Unlike the Pap test and molecular diagnostic tests, OncoHealth’s testing technology is designed to differentiate clinically meaningful disease from insignificant HPV infections. Without invasive procedures, OncoHealth’s tests provide better specificity to identify precancerous cells and potentially enable clinicians to better determine which women with abnormal cervical cancer screening results require additional testing or procedures. OncoHealth combines proprietary protein biomarkers with high-throughput whole cell ELISA and flow cytometry assays. Both approaches use existing instrument platforms and result in efficient easy-to-use systems to analyze specific detection of HPV E6 and E7 oncoproteins in cervical cells from liquid-based cytology samples. OncoHealth’s test also will enable the first effective cervical cancer testing in women younger than age 30.

For more than 11,000 clinical samples tested, OncoHealth has demonstrated superior proof of performance with its biomarkers and prototype test kits. Currently, OncoHealth is conducting several major collaboration studies to compare OncoHealth tests with existing commercial assays. OncoHealth has a CE Marked product available internationally and Research Use Only products available for investigational use in the USA.